News during 2013

It is about time for an update on the website, we are in the prosses of starting a new official wesite for the magazine (www.adoremus.info) and that takes qhite a bit of time, but we can at least give you an new "old Adoremus", since the newest issue is on its way out.

Now when the meditations are finished we have more time to make new Biblereadings, this have resulted in the two last chapters in the book of Deuteronomy, it took a little bit longer time then I hoped since I had to reread chapter 33 because of bad audioquality and some technical difficulies, but it fits well since it is the last day of the ecceliastical year today.

There were four meditations left after the latest update a few days ago, they are now uploaded and this marks the end of this two years old project. I will not start a new project but will focus more on Latin during next year.

The first nine meditations for November are now uploading. I hope to upload the last four around the middle of next week.

I realized a few days ago that I forgot to upload the meditations for September, so today I will upload the meditations both for September and for October.

The new issue of Adoremus In Aeternum is sent for printing, so number 5 for 2012 is now offered you for free. Hope you like it.
I hope also to upload the new meditations for October later this week, hopefully on Saturday.

The long expected Deuteronomy chapter 32 are now finished and uploaded.

We have now uploaded Adoremus #4 - 2012, enjoy.

The rest of the meditations for August are now uploaded.

The meditations for August are far from complete, but I have finnised two of them and I wanted to upload them now since the first of the is tomorrow. The rest will come in due time when they are finnished.

The website is slowly starting to look like it should after the update and we are at last releasing the meditations for July. We have a lot to do with work and the new issue of Adoremus so the meditations for August will probably also be late, but they will be here as soon as possible.

We are a few days left with this update due to some technical problems, sorry about that. Three new meditations for June are now uploaded.

A new issue of Adoremus in Aeternum are now uploaded under the "Old Adoremus" heading.

I am afraid that I am a little bit late with meditations for June, this is because we are working with the new issue of Adoremus in Aeternum at the same time.
I have five meditations finished, three for the feast of the Sacred Heart that occurs 19 days after Pentecost which is on June 7 in 2013, then we have the meditations for St. Barnabas och St. Aloysius Gonzaga. The last two meditations will hopefully be uploaded at the beginning of next week together with a new "old Adoremus".

Deuteronomy chapter 31, uploaded.

Some more general upkeep.

Some general upkeep and a few fixed links in the Pope-section.

I realized this morning that I have forgotten to upload the meditations for this month, which is not good since it is one for today. But hey better late than never.

Two new papal documents uploaded under the "Audio"-menu.

I seem to have forgotten to upload the files that I planed for last Saturday, so I will upload them today. We wish you all a most blessed an joyfull Paschaltide.

The new issue of Adoremus are now printed - a new old issue are uploaded to the website.

The rest of the meditations mentioned bellow are now uploaded.

I seem to have forgotten to upload a meditation for February, that is now corrected.

Due to some tecnical difficulties I have not had the time to record all the meditations for March. I will upload what I have today and hopefully upload the rest on Saturday.

Two new papal readings are now uploaded for you, Pope Clement XIII - Appetente Sacro and Pope Boniface VIII - Unam Sanctam.

Two new papal readings are now uploaded for you, Pope Pual III - Sublimus Dei and Pope Clemet XIII - Summa Que. More updates are on the way.

We found that the Papal readings was not working, they are now corrected and should work.

The new issue of Adoremus in Aeternum is now shipped to our subscribers and the corresponding one for last year is now uploaded.

The long awaited Deuteronomy chapter 30.

Deuteronomy chapter 29, enjoy.

We have now finnished Deuteronomy chapter 28.

We have now finnished Deuteronomy chapters 26 and 27.

We have added the swedish part of this website.

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