History of Josue

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This is a file that gives you a small history of the events of the sixth book of the Sacred Book.

Introduction of Josue

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What can I say? It is an introduction.

Josue Chapter 1

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Josue, encouraged by the Lord, admonisheth the people to prepare themselves to pass over the Jordan.

Josue Chapter 2

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Two spies are sent to Jericho, who are received and concealed by Rahab.

Josue Chapter 3

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The river Jordan is miraculously dried up for the passage of the children of Israel.

Josue Chapter 4

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Twelve stones are taken out of the river to be set up for a monument of the miracle; and other twelve are placed in the midst of the river.

Josue Chapter 5

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The people are circumcised: they keep the pasch. The manna ceaseth. An angel appeareth to Josue.

Josue Chapter 6

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After seven days' processions, the priests sounding the trumpets, the walls of Jericho fall down: and the city is taken and destroyed.

Josue Chapter 7

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For the sins of Achan, the Israelites are defeated at Hai. The offender is found out; and stoned to death, and God's wrath is turned from them.

Josue Chapter 8

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Hai is taken and burnt, and all the inhabitants slain. An altar is built, and sacrifices offered. The law is written on stones, and the blessings and cursings are read before all the people.

Josue Chapter 9

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Josue is deceived by the Gabaonites: who being detected are condemned to be perpetual servants.

Josue Chapter 10

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Five kings war against Gabaon. Josue defeateth them: many are slain with hailstones. At the prayer of Josue the sun and moon stand still the space of one day. The five kings are hanged. Divers cities are taken.

Josue Chapter 11

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The kings of the north are overthrown: the whole country is taken.

Josue Chapter 12

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A list of the kings slain by Moses and Josue.

Josue Chapter 13

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God commandeth Josue to divide the land: the possessions of Ruben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasses, beyond the Jordan.

Josue Chapter 14

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Caleb's petition; Hebron is given to him and to his seed.

Josue Chapter 15

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The borders of the lot of Juda. Caleb's portion and conquest. The cities of Juda.

Josue Chapter 16

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The lot of the sons of Joseph. The borders of the tribe of Ephraim.

Josue Chapter 17

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The lot of the half tribe of Manasses.