St. Bernard - On the pilgrim, The Dead Man, and The Man That is Crucified

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St. Bernard deals in this sermon with the different degrees of perfection a Catholic can achieve during the lenten season. The first degree of perfection is to become as a pilgrim, because the pilgrim "does not desire to be burdened with superfluities" which means worldly affairs. The pilgrim longs for the homeland which his steps are directed to and the christians homeland is heaven which means that just as the pilgrims firm purpose is to reach his true homeland, so must the christians disposition also be never to delight in what may delay or hinder him from advancing to this ultmate goal. However good the pilgrims state is, the christian should strive even harder and become as "a dead man". The dead man does not have any concerns for superfluities, and likewise the christian should become dead to himself and instead be alive in Him who alone is worthy of our aspirations. The one thus disposed "..shall feel pleasure on beholding everything that is done for His honour, and pain at whatever [he] see[s] opposed to the interests of His glory." An even higher degree of virtue than the "dead mans" is that of the "crucified man", and therefore everyone should strive after to be cruficied to the world. This means that "the things the world reputes a cross, to them I attach myself, to them I cling, them I embrace with all the affection of my heart". The delights of this world and of the flesh then becomes a cross for the Christian because they are not true delights which are not disposed towards God. In whatever the world delights in that same thing the christian suffers and becomes therefore in a more perfect and sublime way attached to God. The christian should consider which of these three types he himself is and always strive to make progress and go forward. However the christians whatever of these types they represent are called for the annual combat against the devil. During this period of the year not only Our Lord's "regular soldiers" are ready to fight, but so to speak "the whole power of the empire is gathered together into one general army". Let's us therefore appriciate this calling and fight against the devil with a zeal that makes saints. St. Bernard explaims: "Happy you, who have been accounted worthy to belong to those domestic troops.." But let us not be satisfied in beeing called, unless we fall. Because "many are called, but few are choosen". But let us rather prove ourselves worthy of the calling by humbling our enemies under the cross of Christ.

St. Francis De Sales - Fasting

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This sermon was given at Ash Wednesday in the year 1622. It is a most inspirational and beautiful work about how you should fast and how you fast well. Tho fast good it is not enough to fast outwardly. To fast so that your neighbor is not at all to your benefit. No you should fast inwardly so that only God and his angels sees you and your efforts, and will reward you. Only to abstain from prohibited food in you fast is not enough. Even the pagans do this, they only call it “diet”. This diet do not give them anything worth mentioning because the do not fulfill any requirement that you need for a good fast. These requirements is so many but St. Francis De Sales mentions three of them: One, fast entire and universally. Not only with food, but all the parts of your body must fast. The moth by not speaking vein things. The eyes by not seeing vein things. The ears by not hearing vein things. But even this is not enough. Also your mind, your memory and your will must fast. The fast shall be a complete part of both your body and your soul. Two, fast trough humility and not trough vanity. You can not fail to have humility and have charity. You can not fail to have charity when you have humility. They are a part of one and the other and if you lack one, you lack both. You need them both to fast well and lower the chance to fast trough vanity. But how do you fast trough vanity? When you fast trough vanity you fast as you yourself wish and not as you are told by others. How you choose to honor one fast and choose not to honor another. St. De Sales mentions in this sermon the Fridayfast in honor of Our Lady, and the Lentenfast in honor of Our Lord. What says that you receive more Grace if you fast every Friday of the year an not during lent? Do you not honor Our Lord when you fast for Our Lady? Do you not honor Our Lady when you fast for Our Lord? What lack of respect it is to choose not to use this opportunity to honor both Our Lord, directly in the fast, and Our Lady, indirectly by honoring her most beloved Son. Three, what good doth it profit a human to do his work for the eyes of creatures and not for the Creator? Therefor St. De Sales advises you to direct all your work directly towards God. Do your fast inwardly. As mentioned earlier, the only important thing is that God sees you and reward you for you works. After all the Lentenfast is made to remember His death, resurrection and love for us, what doth it concern your pagan neighbor? This sermon was taken from Tan Books sermonseries for St. Francois De Sales, book “For Lent”. It consists many inspiring and beautiful sermons, and we can strongly recommend you to buy it and read the rest of the sermons for yourself, meditate upon them and honor Our Almighty Father with your whole heart, body and soul.

St. Augustine - Sermon 205

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The whole year, and especially during Lent you need to crucify your flesh with all its wicked passions and desires. Both Elias, Moses and Our Lord Himself fasted for forty days. And by there help we can all separate ourselfs from this world to work with good works directed towards God.
St. Augustine is in this file advising you to be harder on yourself during fast. He tells you that you should abstain from pleasures during this holy period. You shall NEVER commit fornication of any kind, not adultery, not pornography, not thinking any unlawful thoughts. But during this holy period of Lent, you should be separated from your wife and abstain from acts that during the rest of the year is lawfull.

St. Leo I - Sermon 39 - On Lent 1

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All of them that neglect God's commands and walk the evil ways, that is all of us, deserve a hard and just subjection. A way to do this is abstaining from food and drink. We are everyday attacked by spiritual enemys and a way to fight againt them is by abstaining from food and drink. We are, by abstaining from food and drink, strengthening our spirit, to resist temptation, to resist evil thoughts, to defete evil spirits. If you can not even defeat yourself, your own lusts and cravings, how can expect to defeat evil spirits? Seek Divine aid by observing the Lenten fast. You will fight hard and all your life to defeat the will of the body, who always will desire against the spirit, never allow your body to disgrace your soul. You have to understand that the more zealus you are in your fight against the temptations the harder will your attackers be, but trust in Him how was temped by the tempter and you will conquer who ever is attacking you. Think of all the blessings we have receved by this fast. He has given us a strong defence, as St. Leo I says: "He has given the shield of faith for the protection of our whole body; on our head has He set the helmet of salvation our right hand has He furnished with a sword, that is with the word of Truth: that the spiritual warrior may not only be safe from wounds, but also may have strength to wound his assailant."

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this dark world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly things. ~ Ephesians 6:12

St. Ephraim the Syrian - Homily on Admonition and Repentance

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This file contains a long list of what you should do to be, not only a good Christian, but a great one. This is a great list of what you should thing of in your everyday life, to strive to be an even better human. This list is even more important to think of and to meditate on during this Holy Season of Lent. Did I praise the Lord today when He blessed me with these wonderful gifts or did I provoke the Giver to anger? Did I give counsel to the wife I have wedded? Did I give heed to her doings? Did I keep my heart with all diligence, so that it did not sin in secret? These advises that you receive in this file comes from a saint, listen to what he says and follow it. Listen to his advises and heed to them. As St. Ephraim says: If you would heed the word of life, cut yourself off from evil things; the hearing of the word profits nothing to the man that is busied with sins. And: Neither his belly nor yet his purse can (the sinner) fill with that sin of his. By his laughter is the wretch despoiled, and he knows not nor does he perceive it. Sin do not profit you, beware of sin so that you do not fall. Do nothing at all without the beginning of prayer. With the sign of the living cross, seal all your doings, my son. Go not forth from the door of your house till you have signed the cross. Whether in eating or in drinking, whether in sleeping or in waking, whether in your house or on the road, or again in the season of leisure, neglect not this sign; for there is no guardian like it. Have mercy on me, I am a sinner and weak; be gracious, O God, to my weakness, and grant strength to me to pray a prayer that shall be pleasing to Your Will. Punish not mine enemies, take not vengeance on them that hate me; but grant them in Your grace that they may become doers of Your Will.